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Release Date, Opportunities to meet Sharon and more information are not yet available. However you can be sure that has they do become available and we will let you know as well. 

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The devotional I’ve written contains 40 chapters of my encounters with Creation and the Creator. I believe that being honest and transparent is very helpful to those who long to live a better and secure life. Below are the messages that permeate the book, with the primary message being “God wants to talk with you”:

Learn and develop personal and transparent conversations with God.

  •  Understand and find “sanctuaries” that give you the feeling of safety and being understood.

  • Read true stories of my experiences with God, including the surprises.

  • Delve into seeing the veins in the leaves, not just the tree. Dig. Observe. Get closer to God.

  • Experience speaking to God as if he is your best friend—because he is.

  • Enjoy the freedom to cry, laugh, dance, sing, scream, be quiet, be silly . . . be transparent.

  • Love and hunger for scripture and its power.

  • Above all, know that God wants to talk with you—anywhere, anytime.


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